These are the premade character sheets that I used for my one-shot demo of Shadow Lords. You can download and use them for your Shadow Lords games if you wish. Probably for the next one-shot demo I will make them simpler and with less talents, not as full-fledged Heroes, because […]

Temple at the edge of Madness demo one-shot – character ...

Lucifer the Morning Star
Lucifer the Morning Star, for Shadow Lords RPG. Former Archangel of Knowledge and warden of the Universal Library. Fallen from Heaven’s grace when he tried to release the forbidden knowledge in the library, that he was supposed to keep safe from anyone else except the Archangels, to the other angels […]

Lucifer, the Morning Star

The Goddess Isis
I completely redid the graphics for the Hero sheet to give it a more fantasy/epic look in line with the rest of the game. It also includes some minor changes related to rules I’ve updated. Enjoy! Download the complete editable version here: Cassandrae Hero Sheet

Revamped Hero sheet

Chains Lord
Traveler of the Labyrinth, beware of crossing the domain of the Lord of Chains! His original name was Nero, one of the Emperor’s Pretorian guard: he even saved his life once. After serving the Empire for years, fighting the plots of the Shadow Lords, he took the opportunity to take […]

The Lord of Chains

Sci-fi/Fantasy world for Shadow Lords - Ashworld
Past week we started the “Raiders of the Labyrinth” campaign, whose premise you can read here. Tomorrow is gaming night and we will further explore the world of Ashworld, which you can see in my painting on the left. But first I want to do a report of what happened in […]

Raiders of the Labyrinth – First session report

Here is a sample PC sheet for Shadow Lords. It’s a seer with power over reality, a reincarnated Cassandrae of Greek mythology! Sheet of Cassandrae All Shadow Lords sheets are editable pdf, suited for use as normal tabletop sheets or online with modern devices!

Sample PC sheet

This is one of two maps of Anubia, the main setting of Shadow Lords RPG This map is the normal political view of Anubia. The year is 1450 AD, the Roman Empire controls the world thanks to its Calephs, the magical Stones that control the Veil, created by the Profet […]

Maps of Anubia

Take a look at the table for our ongoing Shadow Lords tabletop rpg campaign on roll20 / Hangout. It’s the table just before the head of the evil necromancer witch Mastana (the girl on the right with glowing green eyes) lost her head at the hands of Milad, Champion of Azazel, […]

Swampwatch Legion Campaign

The Goddess Isis
Isis, Iset, Aset The Goddess Isis, whose original egyptian name was probably pronounced Iset or Aset, was the sister and wife of the God Osiris, and the mother of Horus. She was the ancestral mother-wife Goddess and a symbol of both life and magic. It was she who resurrected Osiris […]

The Goddess Isis