Beylash-mihai“The spearhead sliced right through the flesh, And when Diomedes pulled it out, Ares yelled, so loud you would have thought Ten thousand warriors had shouted at once, and the sound reverberated in the guts of Greeks and Trojans, as if Diomedes had struck not a God in armor But a bronze gong nine miles high.”

– Homer, The Iliad

Are you ready to wear the mantle of an epic Hero and embark on a dangerous quest in the mysterious lands of Anubia? Don’t be fooled by its familiar geography: the myths here are real and dangerous! Be ready for brutal fights against Titans and Dragons, don’t be fooled by Gods in human guise and Fallen Angels who conspire against you.

Create your Hero from fledgling cadet to Legendary Achilles: choose his past Heritage and a Discipline to create hundreds of different combinations, including mythical creatures such as Fairies, Dragons, Titans, Angels, Ghosts, and many others. Gather with your friends and their champions and forge your epic tale a story that bards will sing for generations!

Epic-action Roleplaying

Shadow Lords roleplaying game lets you recreate epic stories like those of the ancient myths. The system is geared toward improvisation, fast action and free narrative flow. The rules are designed to help players tell an epic story while their Heroes do epic things without having to roll for everything they do. This helps the flow of the story toward important dramatic points such as a dangerous fight in a forbidden temple or a passionate debate at the Senate to decide the fate of a Nation. Only at this points the dice are rolled and the rules shift the focus on creating an interesting narrative outcome that can see the Heroes prevail or face defeat. Nothing is certain in Shadow Lords, nothing is safe and danger is always lurking behind the corner.

Epic success and failure

Even if you play great Heroes capable of epic feats, success is not granted when you take the dice: you only roll when there is danger or you face a powerful threat such as a Giant, and when you do things can go well for you… or not! But by acting together with the other Heroes, employing clever tactics and leveraging your distinctive powers, you can increase your chances to win. And even when defeated the system helps you show that you are an epic Hero and even your failures can help the story develop in interesting ways!

Any story you want to tell

Your epic story is called a SAGA and it’s up to you to decide its scope. Maybe your Heroes are just the veterans of a special unit of the Roman Empire fighting an invasion of flesh-eating demons from the barbarian lands outside the Empire. Or maybe you want to play a Cabal of Legendary champions that fight against the plans of a powerful Shadow Lord, fighting a multi-dimensional struggle that can erase them from time and space. In Shadow Lords all this kind of stories can be narrated as epic sagas, whether your Heroes go face to face with powers like the Archangels and the Devourers of worlds or just go on a “simple” (yet epic) quest to follow their own destinies and retrieve the Graal that will save their King and their Kingdom.

For more background on Anubia, read “A Tale of Creation“.