The coming of Typhon

Zeus battling Typhon

Lately, all prophets of Stygia babble about a great Shadow looming from the constellation known as the “Eye of Thypon”. They don’t know what it means, but their third eye seems blind to his true form and their already faltering minds are strained from their tentatives to scry over this mystery.

At the same time, in the City of Heliopolis a new cult arises, claiming to be the real custodians of the secrets of the afterlife and fighting the priests of Thoth, they claim to be the Heralds of Anubis but the statues in their temple resemble horrific demoniac shapes with no resemblance of the iconology of Anubis itself.

What hides behind this new cult that will bring the Lineage of Ra an the whole Stygia on the brink of destruction?

This Legendary-level Saga is set in the Mysteries of Stygia setting (part of Anubia setting), and relates a Cosmic struggle to defeat the first coming of the Typhon, an ancient and incredibly powerful Devourer of Worlds somewhat imprisoned in an unknown past between the gravity fields of a hundred Stars.

The players will impersonate legendary heroes from the ancient Egyptian, Sumerian and African myths (or create their own new Myths) allied to stall or defeat the cult that is trying to bring the Typhon out of his eons-long prison. All the while their efforts will be opposed by mysterious forces and beings whose plans seems to hail for the Devourer of Worlds, and whose powers pose a serious threat even to such a powerful group of Heroes…

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