The Goddess Isis

The Goddess Isis

The Goddess Isis

Isis, Iset, Aset

The Goddess Isis, whose original egyptian name was probably pronounced Iset or Aset, was the sister and wife of the God Osiris, and the mother of Horus.
She was the ancestral mother-wife Goddess and a symbol of both life and magic. It was she who resurrected Osiris after he was slew by Set.
Regarded as a magic-healer and connected with the cult of afterlife and death, her cult grew from the city of Heliopolis as much as to outlast that of the other Egyptian Gods, reaching far into the Roman Empire and Greek culture and even related by some to the christian figure of the virgin Mary.

In SHADOW LORDS Isis is regarded as the brightest and smartest of the many sons and daughters of the Titan Ra (Ra – Sun God ). She played an important role in the events related to the advent of Typhon (a Shadow Lords Saga, read more about it here:…) and is one of the few offspring of Ra that survived the Maul of Anubis and is still active as a Shadow Lord in Anubia and all connected realities.
Regarded by some immortals as a guide and friend and by others as a scheming and mischievous villain, she is nevertheless considered the smartest immortal, maybe on par with the legendary Lucifer.

She is know to have carved her own paths in the Labyrinth that connects all realities and very few immortals can say to have met her directly.

A Force of Life and Shadow at the same time, she works constantly to thwart the schemings of her fellow Shadow Lords who are more destructive or absolute in nature. Always fighting against the Divine Order and its edicts, she profoundly hates the archangels Metatron and Raziel, whose actions she blames for the fall of Ra.

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