Swampwatch Legion Campaign

Table of Swampwatch campaign ( Shadow Lords rpg) on roll20Take a look at the table for our ongoing Shadow Lords tabletop rpg campaign on roll20 / Hangout.

It’s the table just before the head of the evil necromancer witch Mastana (the girl on the right with glowing green eyes) lost her head at the hands of Milad, Champion of Azazel, just possessed by his Master’s war rage.

The poor Ratmir, bard and Jakata (Commander) of the 4th maniple of the Swampwatch Legion, that led them in the mission to capture or put an end to the witch necromantic bargains, got his spine fractured in multiple piece (it’s that italian SCHIENA ROTTA D12 Consequence on his portrait) when he tried to distract the RESTLESS HORDES of undeads that where slowly encircling them: one of the dead emerged behind him from the swamp’s murky waters, lifted him on his head and trowed him on a rock. Then he started taking the poor Commander to his lair, but Milad and Klara decided that the witch could have waited a bit more and jumped in to save their commander.

Guided by Milad while Klara tried to distract the RESTLESS HORDES as Ratmir already did, the legionaries of the maniple killed some undead and saved Ratmir.

Ratmir then called for a retreat, but Klara told Milad that she could create a tunnel of strong Veil (the Veil that divides reality from the Shadow) to make him invisible to Mastana Mystic Senses at to let him strike at her by surprise.

Long story short: this time the plan went mostly as intended, except fthatr Milad  was banished in the Shadow by Mastana while beheading her. Luckily for him he is not a normal hero anymore, but the Champion of Azazel with his own card in the Deck of Shadow, and thus he stumbled into the mystical Labyrinth instead.
There he met Lucifer, who revealed him that a part of the Labyrinth is already preparing to receive him either as the Champion of Azazel or as the reborn Azazel, depending on his actions. Milad ponderedsome seconds, then shrugged his shoulders and lifted the body of the witch that he kicked accidentally in the Labyrinth and told Lucifer “I will think ’bout it when is the time. Now I’ve to do my duty and report to my Commander…”.

Lucifer smiled while watching Milad walk toward the library of the Labyrinth where Ratmir used his newly found powers to open a door to him toward the “real” world of Anubia.

Next Episode: surrounded by the Sharg inside their native land swamps, their commander grievously wounded and with the anger of Mastana’s God on their back, will the 4th maniple survive and find his way back to the Swampwatch Keep?
Will their actions stir up the final war against the Sharg?
All this in the next episode of “Swampwatch Legion”!


Note: the pictures on the table photo are copyright of the artists who created them. We use them only as a source of inspiration for our private games and playtests.

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