Maps of Anubia


This is one of two maps of Anubia, the main setting of Shadow Lords RPG

This map is the normal political view of Anubia. The year is 1450 AD, the Roman Empire controls the world thanks to its Calephs, the magical Stones that control the Veil, created by the Profet Steno (some say he stole their secrets from the Temple of Jerusalem) and donated to Julius Caesar that then used them to found an Empire that would stand agains the Shadow of this world of darkness…

Map of the Shadow realm

The following map shows the spirit worlds known as “The Shadow”. The patches of light are places where the Veil that protects the real world from the Shadow is strong, the rest is where the Shadow melds with the real world making it chaotic and more magical, but also the hunting ground of Demons, Tulpas and other creatures from the Shadow.

The mystic runes are doors from the “real” world to the Labyrinth, a metaphysical place created by Lucifer that connects the whole Shadow. The lines are the road that have been “secured” in the Labyrinth: stray away from them and you are at the mercy of the creatures and strange laws that have domain there.

MAP- Anubia-1450-The Shadow


Note: to see the map in HD, after it’s loaded you can click with the right mouse button and choose to open it in another page. Then you can see it in HD and even download it!

I’ve never watermarked the maps because I want all people that wanna use them for their own home-made setting or story to be able to do. But NOT for redistribution in any form or commercial product. If you wanna redistribute your free product based on this please ask me first, I’m very open to collaborations!

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