Raiders of the Labyrinth – new playtesting campaign starts tomorrow! 1

Only fools like them could traverse the Labyrinth to steal the most powerful artifact of the Church of the Twilight of a lost world, and then use it to free the beautiful prisoner of a lieutenant of the KING OF PAIN. All this just to settle an old debt with a friend. But they challenge the dangers of the labyrinth every day, because they use it as a way to raid VERY dangerous and exotic places.

They do this to counter the misery sown by the KING OF PAIN and help its victims. Only they can challenge the King, thanks to their skills, ingenious plans and a lot of chutzpah.

Among them there are those who do it for the money and the glory, those who must avenge a wrong suffered by the King of Pain, and those who simply help people whose lives he destroyed.

References: Leverage, A-team, Guardians of the Galaxy, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Mood: easy-going but dangerous and somewhat dark and daunting when going against the king, a lot of action in exotic locations, riots, intrigues and fraud.

Soundtrack & Trailer: Hell Bells by AC / DC –

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