The Lord of Chains

Chains Lord

Chains Lord

Traveler of the Labyrinth, beware of crossing the domain of the Lord of Chains!

His original name was Nero, one of the Emperor’s Pretorian guard: he even saved his life once.
After serving the Empire for years, fighting the plots of the Shadow Lords, he took the opportunity to take a domain into the Labyrinth, an endless place created by Lucifer that connects all realities.
He went there not to become a King, as the Shadow Lords did, but to punish them for their hubris and to stop their plans that so much sorrow brought on his lands, his family, his life.
But the Labyrinth changes people, only few can resist his lure and travel through to their final destination.
And so he became the Lord of Chains, prisoner of his own prison as much as the creatures that he locks up in his realm of chains and cages…

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