Lucifer, the Morning Star

Lucifer the Morning Star, for Shadow Lords RPG.

Former Archangel of Knowledge and warden of the Universal Library. Fallen from Heaven’s grace when he tried to release the forbidden knowledge in the library, that he was supposed to keep safe from anyone else except the Archangels, to the other angels and humanity.
He was thus deposed from his role and exiled from Heavens, but never renounced his ideal of knowledge accessible to anyone.
After eons he finally created the Labyrinth, an infinite place were anyone can find knowledge… and power… though only few can reach illumination.

Now the Labyrinth connects every dimension, every world, and searches for knowledge, power and people to add to his Dark Library…

Note: Lucifer is a latin word that means “light bearer”, and it was the name that Romans gave to the Morning Star, Venus, the star that heralds the sunrise.

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