The Crimson Conqueror

The Crimson Conqueror

The Crimson Conqueror

“Amidst the blood and flame and dread,
The Crimson Conqueror rises, undead.
His very name brings men to their knees,
As he spreads his foul disease.
From the depths of man’s own mind,
The Crimson Conqueror shall find,
The darkest fears that he can bind,
And rule them all, unconfined.” – Old Assyrian poem

“I am the blood that flows through your veins, the conqueror of your dreams, the emperor of your nightmares.I am the pulse of every war, the blood of every conquest, and the fire that burns in the heart of every man. My reign is eternal, my power absolute, and my conquest never-ending” – From the book of the Crimson Conqueror

My notes on the Crimson Conqueror are scarce, as even the mention of his name sends shivers down my spine. What I know for sure is that he is a being of immense power, with control over the forces of war, destruction and chaos. His influence over his lieutenants is total, and they carry out his every whim with ruthless efficiency.
“The few sightings of his minions suggest that they are not of this world, nor are they bound by the laws of nature. Their very presence causes madness and despair in those who witness them, and those who survive their attacks are left forever scarred, both physically and mentally.

I heard whispered rumors that the Crimson Conqueror seeks not just to conquer the physical world, but also to dominate the minds of all living beings, twisting their thoughts and desires to suit his own. Whether this is true or not, it is clear that his power is far-reaching and nigh-unstoppable.

I had the opportunity to examine one of the Crimson Conqueror’s thralls, a twisted and malformed creature that seemed to be part-man, part-machine. Its very essence reeked of death and decay, and its eyes held a malevolent intelligence that chilled me to my core. I could not help but wonder what other horrors lay in wait, under the control of the Crimson Conqueror… the more I learn about this being, the more I realize how little we truly know about the nature of human evil.” – Dr. Landon, investigator of the occult

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