The Game

Shadow Lords is a game about a group of epic heroes, driven by their powerful passions to seek adventure in the dark lands of Anubia, where all myths are deadly real. They defy demons, Titans and even Gods and Fallen Angels with a laugh and a sword, because their destiny is to become legendary, in a way or another.

Their stories will be like those of ancient myths, where Heroes and Gods fight for honor, romance and power. Sword & Sorcery tales full of action, blood, mythical creatures, sorceries and exotic lands. They will steal treasures from the pharaohs’ serpent-towers of Stygia, survive the cutthroat politics of the Roman Empire, fight the Runeknights of the Varangian Order, defy the fortresses of Anubis’ Darklords and explore the ever-changing Labyrinth created by Lucifer.

You will play unique Heroes limited only by your imagination: chose two “Legends” and use them as a guide to create your Hero’s powers and Traits. Or, if you prefer or are out of ideas, you can also just use a premade Archetype or use it as a base to shape the character that you want to play. Archetypes such as the Black Templar who investigates supernatural threats, the Mastermind who is a master of manipulation and intrigues, or also mythical creatures such as Fairies, Dragons, Titans, Demons, Angels, Demigods and many other.

Whatever Hero you will decide to be, she will find herself on a collision course with powerful villains, organizations and issues: the plans of a Shadow Lord, an angered God, a cultural change creeping through her Nation, a natural disaster or even an invading Empire. Driven by her passions she will use her steel and wits to protect her world, ultimately upsetting the balance of power around her, deposing kings, destroying demons and Gods and ultimately forging her own Legend.

The setting: Anubia

Welcome Hero to the world of Anubia, where LUCIFER created its Labyrinth and where all myths are real! Your Heroes’ story will take place here: a parallel world with a culture reminiscent of Renaissance Europe, with its wars, intrigues and religions, but heavily contaminated by the supernatural. In fact, when the catastrophe known as the “Maul Of Anubis” sunk the island of Atlantis, it nearly destroyed mankind and shattered the VEIL that keeps reality and Shadow, the realm of dreams, separated. This allowed nightmares to enter the world and take the shape of mythical monsters and demons. But the holes also spill Shadow’s energy that warps reality: people woke up to discover their family replaced by long-dead strangers, cities were swallowed by magic storms and whole regions changed in unsettling and alien ways. The basic setting is set around 1450 AD, but the rules of Shadow Lords are flexible and let you play your story also in more ANCIENT or MODERN times!

The Demonstorms

The biggest holes in the Veil birthed the Demonstorms: terrible hurricanes of Shadow that change or destroy anything they touch. Demons and nightmares ride their winds, harbingers of even more terrible beings that press from the Shadow and behind to enter Anubia.

The Calephs

But humanity survived this catastrophe, thanks to the practitioners of the Atlanteans secrets of Crystallomancy, who know how to create and operate the CALEPHS. These magical crystals can repair and reinforce the Veil, exorcising the demons and healing reality itself, but can also do other miracles: those who controls them also rules Anubia.

The Roman Empire

The most powerful Caleph-controlling kingdom is the Roman Empire, whose EMPEROR rules from Roma Aeterna. But even he must share power with the POPE who rules the Church of the Divine Order, who in turn controls the Crystallomancers and Calephs. And they all share power also with the MOHAGI guilds, 12 powerful families that control some safe paths inside the Labyrinth of Lucifer, that connect all the major cities of Anubia through the Shadow.

Read also “A Tale of Creation” if you are interested in the twisted mythology of Anubia.