A tale of Creation

Morning StarSM“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

– Albert Einstein

“Listen to my tale, son. In the beginning there was only infinite ETERNITY, fathomless and unyielding in her perfect Equilibrium. So it was until she gave birth to the SOURCE: an explosion of creative energies flowing into eight streams called the COSMIC FORCES, and trying to fill Creation with life. But to maintain the cosmic Equilibrium, Eternity also gave birth to a mouth of darkness that opened to swallow them: the ABYSS.

We call this river of energies THE SHADOW, because it contains the potential of all things that could ever be. It’s there that the countless REALITIES took shape, places like our own world. It’s also there that the overseer of the Cosmic Forces, the godlike ELOHIM, were born and given mandate to preserve Realities and their creatures from the Abyss. For this they created a mystical VEIL to divide Reality from the Shadow and protects us from the nightmares that exist there. But in doing this they also imposed their physical, metaphysical and moral laws on us.

But it happened that one of their ranks, the arrogant LUCIFER, was not satisfied by that status-quo. Thus he decided to create his own Eden, THE LABYRINTH: a metaphysical world connected with all Realities through mystical doors. He made such that its laws would change to fit the will of its residents and guide them toward spiritual enlightenment. But they say that this original purpose was twisted by his brother SAMAEL who reforged it into a weapon to wrestle control of Creation from the other Elohim. This changed the Labyrinth and sparked the fratricidal “War between Sky and Earth”: to save his own creation, Lucifer had to close its doors and hide it deep in the Shadow.

But the Labyrinth needs souls to exist, and so it grew through the Shadow, touching all Realities in search of new guests, binding itself to the laws and powers of those worlds. And so it was that powerful individuals took residence in it and learned to use its DOORS to move between worlds and manipulate them to increase their own power, rewarded by the Labyrinth with even more power and space inside itself. But this bound them in a symbiotic relationship with it: as their power grew also that of their home did, however should they lose their power the Labyrinth would rather destroy them than risk its own existence. We call them SHADOW LORDS because they see reality as just a shadow on a wall to be reshaped as they see fit to increase their influence, fighting the Elohim and other Gods to change our story, reality and lives just to keep their Godlike status.

Is for this reason, my son, that in face of their power we draw our swords and fight to close these damn doors to keep those arrogant Gods away!”