Take a look at the table for our ongoing Shadow Lords tabletop rpg campaign on roll20 / Hangout. It’s the table just before the head of the evil necromancer witch Mastana (the girl on the right with glowing green eyes) lost her head at the hands of Milad, Champion of Azazel, […]

Swampwatch Legion Campaign

The Goddess Isis
Isis, Iset, Aset The Goddess Isis, whose original egyptian name was probably pronounced Iset or Aset, was the sister and wife of the God Osiris, and the mother of Horus. She was the ancestral mother-wife Goddess and a symbol of both life and magic. It was she who resurrected Osiris […]

The Goddess Isis

Lately, all prophets of Stygia babble about a great Shadow looming from the constellation known as the “Eye of Thypon”. They don’t know what it means, but their third eye seems blind to his true form and their already faltering minds are strained from their tentatives to scry over this mystery. At […]

The coming of Typhon