The Game

“Enter a world where reality is shaped by the most powerful and terrifying beings. Will you challenge the Shadow Lords and reshape the world in your image, or succumb to their influence and become a pawn in their game?”

The Game Lucifer the Morning Star

SHADOW LORDS is a multi-genre roleplaying game set in a multiverse where infinite and diverse realities coexist, each with its own rules, history and setting. For this reason, the system has been fine tuned to let you play any kind of Hero in any setting, with a simple yet engaging set of rules. From ancient Myths to modern Sci-Fi, it gives you all the necessary tools to recreate and convey your preferred setting and genre, and to create any kind of character.

From talented humans, to sci-fi soldiers in powered armors, up to mythical characters such as Immortal Fairies, Dragons, Titans, Angels, Demons, Werewolves and even Gods, everything is at your fingertips. A guided modular approach will help you create Heroes with unique powers and traits, but also interesting backgrounds and motivations, that will tie them to the setting and the story that you are going to tell.

With a similar approach, the Setting creation system will help you choose optional rules to fine-tune the game to suit your setting and genre, in order to convey a specific kind of experience. You can use it to create a setting from scratch, or to recreate any fantasy world, science-fiction utopia or alternative-history reality that you like.

The system is strongly geared toward improvisation and low-preparation. The rules and a simple set of tools are at your disposal to improvise and create interesting encounters and situations on the spot, with no need to search through your rulebook for obscure rules references.

The setting

The stories of Shadow Lords take all place in the multiverse: an infinite connection of realities loosely connected by the “Shadow”, a metaphysical realm that only some spiritual creatures and other powerful beings can traverse. For this reason, when you start a game you can chose to play your stories in any setting of your choice, and the rules will help you forge it and its themes,  rules and characters.

The Veil

While the premise of the game is that magic exists and that the Shadow connects all realities, not all worlds and settings are actually magical. In fact, THE VEIL keeps all worlds separated: a metaphysical barrier that also protects them from the chaos of the Shadow.

The Veil is usually stronger near the Source, where the rules of worlds are set in stone, and weaker toward the Abyss, where magic runs wild. In fact, worlds with a strong Veil have little to no supernatural phenomenons and creatures, because those rely on the Cosmic Forces for sustenance. While worlds with a weak Veil are very magical and chaotic, places where myths and fables abound. This means that you can play your stories in any kind of setting, from high magic fantasy worlds, to more mundane, scientific or sci-fi worlds.

The Shadow Lords

The world is not what it seems.

Reality is an illusion created by collective thoughts, and the most powerful beings in existence, the Shadow Lords, have the ability to shape it to their will. They can be anything from gods and angels to individuals with powerful personalities or ideas, each with their own unique abilities and methods of shaping reality. They draw their power from the collective beliefs and fears of humanity, and their influence can be felt in urban legends and myths from all corners of the world.

The players must navigate this treacherous world, using their own abilities and resources to challenge the Shadow Lords and reshape reality in their own image. Will they succeed in toppling the powerful beings that rule this world, or will they fall victim to their influence and become mere pawns in their endless game of power and control? The choice is yours!

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